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Douglas brings a rare blend of skills to the New Orleans real estate market, combining his background as a Real Estate Photographer and former Director of Mortgage Lending to provide a comprehensive service to his clients. His deep understanding of the industry, from the visual appeal of properties to the financial aspects of real estate transactions, allows him to offer a unique perspective and invaluable advice. His methodical approach focuses on achieving the client’s objectives, ensuring that every aspect of the presentation of their home is optimized for staging and design to realize its full potential. Douglas's extensive experience in sales and negotiations enhances his ability to handle deals effectively, paying meticulous attention to detail to maximize client satisfaction. Douglas’s vibrant personality and dedication to exceptional service make him a favorite among clients across the spectrum. Licensed to operate in both Louisiana and Mississippi, he is equipped to manage any transaction, regardless of size, with the promise of delivering results and ensuring a seamless process for buyers and sellers alike.

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714 Camp St Hattiesburg MS 39401 |  Tel: 504-444-8670

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