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Beautiful spaces New Orleans Living

Updated: Apr 22

New Orleans Living imagery for real estate should tell a story. From the moment a potential buyer takes their first glance from the street, the listing's photography should invoke ownership and living within the space. Potential buyers take a photographic journey through the property and begin to think of ways they would make the space unique to their personal style. Whether it's changing the color of the front door to a total landscape makeover, buyers begin to explore their emotions from the moment they make the first click. As a photographer begins telling the story, buyers will often start thinking of even the smallest details down to how the home smells.

Creating an online experience is 50% of the work needed for Real Estate Agents to make a sell. Admit it, we have all scrolled past a listing simply because the photography was of poor quality or simply not interesting. Buyers want to dream and imagine; with G Douglas RE Photo that is exactly the feeling that our imagery invokes. We make your potential buyers dream - and they enjoy dreaming BIG.

Massive Oak Trees line the shaded walk paths

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